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 How to Recovery Photos from Sony TX7

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How to Recovery Photos from Sony TX7 Empty
PostSubject: How to Recovery Photos from Sony TX7   How to Recovery Photos from Sony TX7 I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 11:18 pm

As a famous camera branch in the world, Sony offers us the best digital camera-Sony TX7. With its new function, "Slim, colorful and beautifully styled", "Super-size touchscreen", "High quality still images and 1080i HD video". Sony TX7 becomes popular in the world.
But every coin has two sides. Though Sony TX7 can help us to keep our precious memory by using the photos easily, it may face the photo loss situation as other digital cameras in the world. Today, let’s figure out the reasons of photo loss and find ways to perform Sony photo recovery.

Reasons of Photo loss
Mistakenly deleted the photos, wrongly formatted the memory card in your Sony TX7, pull out the memory card when your machine is on, etc. All of these operations may lead to the photo loss.
If you meet these, first thing first, immediately stop using your Sony TX7 which stored precious pictures, movies and other files. If you are much more cautious, plug the SD card out of it and put it in safe place.
Why should you keep those things first? – In order to maximize the chance of Sony camera photo recovery. Technically speaking, a single delete or format option won’t erase the real data that saved on your SD card in your machine. The real data is still stored on the precious sectors of the disk on your SD card. As long as those data is not overwritten (If you continue to save more files, they might be overwritten), it is definitely possible to achieve "recover my photos" operation with a recovery tool.

Methods of Sony Photo Recovery
By relying on third-party photo recovery software – it is pretty straight forwards. The recovery software will use advanced algorithms to scan your machine and disk to search your erased file data. uFlysoft Sony Photo Recovery or uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Mac is such recovery software which can retrieve photos, videos and audio files from your machine easily.
If you are running Windows, try on uFlysoft Sony Photo Recovery.
For those Mac OS X users, go to uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.
Now let’s use the uFlysoft Photo Recovery as an example to show you how to recover your deleted photos in your machines easily.
With ONLY 3 steps, you can quickly perform Sony camera photo recovery with ease.
1. Download the uFlysoft Photo Recovery on your computer-don’t worry about the fee, it is a free download application.
2. Connect your Sony TX7 to a computer with uFlysoft Sony Photo Recovery installed. Select your camera and start to scan.
3. Select your desired files, click "Recover" to recover lost photo in your Sony TX7 easily.
After all of these, your photos are coming back to you again.
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How to Recovery Photos from Sony TX7
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